Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year Trends 2014

 Wow, can you believe it? Happy New Year is here! Where did that year go? zip, zip, zip it seems to always zoom by so quickly, but brand new days ahead and time to promote a new way of thinking, even life style if so desired. The new year brings so many wonderful things that we can capitalize on. Ever had  a concept about something perhaps a dream, or business venture, something you've always wanted to try? Well, the new year is usually a great time for focusing, planning, and tweaking that idea to come to pass!  O.K. Alrighty now! Let's do it! 

According to Pantone's Color of 2014 "Radiant Orchid" means
expressive, exotic, confident, and warmth.

                     Modern white and purple kitchen : Laura Madaline

                           Cute Pantone Colours _Kitchen style : Laurieflower

Meet LV- Event Planning

According to German Convention Bureau (GCB) in event planning applications, there will be an increased usage of mobile devices and all in one platform made easier to keep event plans closer at hand.  In Mega trends, growth and progression through 2030 from technology, to sustainability, globalization, and demographic changes are all in the forecast for vast growth and progression.

Emopulse Smile - Smartphone  bracelet/smart watch - phone, entertaining, gaming system, personal assistant and watch. :

          Google Glass- wearable information technology :     

                          Qualcomm Toq Smart watch : Kashish Bidsar

Waze not only adds a crowd sourcing element that helps you avoid traffic jams, speed trap, or significant construction area, but also has an updated alarm feature for ringing 20 minutes early : Jeffrey Taylor of the

According to Gartner from his IT Expo Symposium- Orlando, with the increased trend, and by 2016 the average knowledge worker may use 3-5 mobile devices which could include wearable electronic devices like smart glasses and shoes. And, due to the increasing (BYOD), bring your own device, the mobile workforce could double or even triple in size.

 According to, 2014 travel trends and new demographic locations are predicted in their forecast. In air travel, to become more enjoyable with independent lounges and more intelligent architecture. Tech gadgets will continue to shrink and get smarter with smart phone-tablet hybrids, smart watches and digitally enabled glasses to be among traveler's wish list. 

Victoria Falls Hotel - High Tea - Zimbabwe Livingston, Zambia

                                Lake Kariba, Zambia :

              Pangulasian Island- Philippines : Michael Tuan 97

               Hotel Ion- Icelandic National Park- Iceland :

Hotel Borg- Iceland :

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