Thursday, October 24, 2013

Designer Resources in Window Treatments

Modern technology has improved our lives in many ways. It’s also improved our homes, making them easier to clean, easier to manage, and easier to heat. Some of these improvements are more obvious than others. For example, have you even considered there might be technological advances in window treatments? Today’s modernized treatments are safer for kids, more energy –efficient and easier to handle ever than before! – See more at:

 The LiteRise feature has a cordless system that provides a clean and uncluttered look. It stays in place,and pushes up to raise the shade or pulls down to lower it. A nicely added safety feature for children and pets that eliminates the possibility of accidental choking and/or pinched fingers.Works well within the architectural element- bay windows which allows for much light.   
                         Photo: Decorview/ Hunter Douglass- Vignette LiteRise2                               
   Perfect warm tones to blend in well with wooded cabinet features. Light, line,  and colour give a creative movement to the space with the intensity of light to provide a visual impact on the window treatment.
Photo: Decorview/ Hunter Douglass - Vignette- Modern Roman Shades

   Arched windows or half circled windows placed over a door or window are great architectural elements in decoration. In addition to providing brighter light they add  much character and depth to a space. Mini blinds which are slats that are a lot more narrowed are a great way to enhance the space.
Photo: Decorview/ Hunter Douglas- Decor- Aluminum Blinds

Window treatments are produced by various elements and entities that are combined to produce an aesthetically appealing, and adorning window dressing.When you take into account, scale, proportion, harmony and rhythm, you want to make sure you're providing, and maintaining a connection of the elements to create a certain equilibrium for the space.
Photo: Decorview/ Hunter Douglass Alustra Vignette Modern Roman Shades
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