Sunday, October 27, 2013

Creating fun times and magic during the autumn season

The weather is breaking into the fall season, and its now getting cooler, crispy and nippy outside. It's time to get out the socks and knee warmers to help match those hat and scarf sets. Get real stylish this year with Ozone Socks. Very high fashion, and designer style, they offer a large variety of textures, and patterns. Featured in Vogue and WWD magazines, they're sold worldwide for both men and women. Add more style and warmth with over the knee high socks, or Argyle texting gloves, available in more fun colours. And, free shipping available on all orders for an extra added perk!
Beautiful fall complimentary hues of oranges, blues, purples and greens to adorn your outfit.
Photo credit: Ozone Socks

 Whether you go with autumn browns with orange tones, or vibrant neons, you can definitely find yourself in a whimsical and floral world.
Photo credit: Ozone Socks

Men's Magritte Sock - Great colours and texture perfect for everyday outdoors, the office, or a night out on the town.
Photo credit: Ozone Socks

Bubble texting gloves - Text in style and stay warm while you keep in touch with the world.
Photo credit: Ozone Socks

Catch your eye on these adorable cute and cuddly sock monkeys also available from Ozone socks. Made by non-profit volunteers to help benefit NY city artists.
Photo credit: Ozone Socks

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