Monday, September 30, 2013

Wellness spa and beauty treatments

Browsing around the globe to land the ideal time for beauty, health, and wellness is a special treatment we love to crave for. Spending time on a daily regimen for our skin helps us promote a more healthy enrichment for our bodies, which transforms our energy. And when we exude that confidence, it allows our inner beauty to flow more freely. This enables us to work  more effectively and productive.

                                    Taj Hotel Resorts and Palaces Credit: SS2107
                           Something to totally indulge in.

    Natural ingredients:  Cinnamon, honey, and nutmeg are natural exfoliants that  leave the skin smooth. Great antiflammatory        
agents that reduce swelling, redness, and  prevent irritation on the skin.  Credit: Lauren Coppinger                                              

                       Design Mudder- Mudmask and Algae treatments filled                       with antioxidants,(Blackberries) Omega 3, and fatty                         acids.Regenerates cells and repairs damage from the sun.                           Credit:

                         The beautiful tropical Paphiopedilum- Miracle Planet
  Plant Museum - Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike 2.5
                    Ritz Carlton- spa room in Key biscayne
                                     Credit: Fierce

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