Monday, April 22, 2013

April is National Poetry Month

Poetry is an artful expression that comes in many forms. It can tell a story, like in a Ballad (four line stanzas), or more commonly a Couplet (when two lines rhyme).

 We also see forms of Limerick where in five lines, one, two, and five rhyme. And, lines two and four rhyme; another common form.

 Moreover, it seems poetry has taken on a new dimension.

 We now have "Spoken word" where artists sometimes use Free verse with  music undertones in their expressions. (in which you can write whatever you want to make it sound poetic). And, it gives the poem a real nice flow!

 I had the opportunity to come across a poetry book The Oxford Anthology of African - American Poetry, Edited by Arnold Rampersad. I enjoyed thumbing through, and decided to share some great talented excerpts from the book!

"Myself When I Am Real"
 Al Young

The sun is shining in my backddoor
right now.
                 I picture myself thru jewels
the outer brittleness gone as I
fold within always.    Melting.

Love of life is love of God
sustaining all life,
                            sustaining me
when wrong or un-self-righteous
in drunkenness & in peace.

                                      He who loves me
is me. I shall return to Him always,
my heart is rain, my brain is earth,
but there is only one sun & forever
it shines forth one endless poem
of which my ranting, my whole life
is but breath.

                         I long to fade back
into this door of sun forever

"For Etheridge Knight"
 Lamont B. Steptoe

Hoodoo numberman
empty pockets
filled with the currency
of cell door nights
a mudswollen river
pregnant with catfish dinners
screamin' neckbone jazz
spoutin' cussin' angels
beatin' a tambourine
all the way to the sun

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