Monday, March 4, 2013

Decorations from the sea

Designs from nature are the coolest because they come from God and no better creation than God's creation.  I found some great pics and fact findings that were very intriging. Spring time is very near and brings us in the mood of coastal  down by the beach....

Iridescent Ammonite fossil from Madagascar- photo credit: Daniel CD Wikipedia

Interior of Red Abalone from the Haliotis Rufescens Shell off the coast of North Cali. photo credit: Kowoloonese from Wikipedia

Open Oyster - Lyon's Market photo credit: Chris73 Wikipedia

Being harvested from a oyster pearl - photo credit: Keith Pomakis

Ammolite Jewelry- Courtesy of Korite International- Wikipedia
Pearl Oyster- Photo credit: by Manfred Heyde - Wikipedia

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