Friday, October 26, 2012

The Shoppe - Decorative Accessories

                                 Here I am running my shoppe at the Chicago Merchandise Mart Plaza in the Chi. Reppin' lines and makin up lines as I went along.. How fun.. It didn't feel as successful as it looked, but as I look back, it was quite an                                                                                                        opportunity.                                                                                                                       
I thought I would bring this look back starting my new
line of jeweled tone brass accessories. Another great idea!

                                              A Russian Tea Set I was reppin' for a friend of
                                              my uncles'. It actually featured in Interiors Magazine
                                              during Neocon Week. MM Plaza

                                                     A Champayne Bubble Bath Line.. looking for creative ways to
                                                     market it.

                                             My ever famous bird cage of personal care toiletries!
                                             What a blast, they got really popular..

                                          Looking to extend my bath care line... salts and oils
                                          in orange/ mango/peach.

                                          Color and fragrance variations.. blue aqua, calling
                                          it "Beauty of the Sea".. another client favorite!

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  1. I like these stuff you bought. Thank you for sharing. I wish all the things went well with your home.


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