Sunday, October 7, 2012

Strolling Downtown..

  I was able to capture these gorgeous hearts as I breezed by in downtown Fullerton. The colours are so illuminating. The rich jewel tones of deep reds, blues, and greens are so captivating. I love how they pop out back at you! Mosiacs are one of my most absolute favorite designs! The intricacy, the detailing and the special attention it takes to combine all of the elements in the design. I had such a blast! Art is definitely my thing! Then of course, I had to go in and pull out the voids to show an even more interestering perspective of them!

                                           Pretty blues and yellows

                                        You can almost see the irredescence in the mother of pearl.

                                          The rich green jewel tones!
                                           The deep blues!

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